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  • Extracurricular Fun

    Upper School Club Opportunities
Clubs are an opportunity for students to connect, have fun, learn outside of the classroom, and cultivate their skills as young leaders. Upper School students are encouraged to start their own club or program if it does not already exist - all it takes is an idea, a few students to help start it, and an advisor. Because our school is small, we encourage all students to get involved and develop their interests as they look ahead to college and the future. The majority of clubs meet during lunch hour to discuss topics of interest, plan future events, and have fun!

MVCDS Hawks Robotics Team

Sample Upper School Clubs & Activities

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  • African-American Society

    Afro-Am is an all-inclusive club that aims to educate the student body about African American society, culture, and history. Students host several fundraisers throughout the year and engage with our local community through service. An annual dinner is organized in honor of Black History Month, where local speakers and the Maumee Valley community are invited to enjoy delicious food and engaging discussions.
  • Chess Team

    Our chess team meets after school several times a week to practice and sharpen its skills. Students compete in several tournaments against local schools throughout the year. A life-sized chess board located on the Global Lawn encourages all students to practice for fun during lunch hours or free periods.
  • Chinese Corner

    Chinese Corner is a forum where Chinese students and American students sit down and chat openly. It aims to spread Chinese culture and help communication between domestic and international students. It also helps clear some cultural misunderstanding, as well as bonding the Chinese students at MVCDS.
  • Fandom

    Fandom is a club designed to bring together students who are passionate about books, TV shows, movies, etc. We are, in essence, a space for fans to meet other fans. We strive to be a club where students can find people with similar interests as their own, as well as learn more about different fandoms.
  • Feminist Club

    We aim to promote awareness within our community regarding social, political, and economic equality of the sexes through the discussion of pressing issues. We want to ensure that our peers are educated about the definition of feminism and its importance in modern society. We believe engaging in this topic is vital to creating a healthy and welcoming community. We hope to provide students with the opportunity to do so through speaker events, movie screenings, debates, and volunteering.
  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

    The GSA is an all-inclusive club with the sole purpose of promoting peace and understanding for students of all genders and sexual orientations. They organize an annual Day of Silence, where all students have the option to take a pledge of silence in order to stand up to bullying.
  • Indian Club

    Indian club is an all-inclusive club that aims to educate the student body about Indian society, culture, and history.
  • Math Club

    The purpose of this club is to make upper school students more aware of math and help to improve their math skills. It is about bringing students together to learn even more about math outside their classrooms. This club would like to see the love for math grow in the upper school.
  • Mock Trial

    A mock trial is a simulation of a court case experience. We encourage students who have interests in the fields of law or acting, as the trials will have lawyers and witnesses.
  • Muslim-American Society

    The purpose of this club is to celebrate Islam in our community. It is also for people who aren't Islamic to learn about the religion and culture.
  • Quiz Bowl

    Our award-winning Quiz Bowl team practices during lunch to brush up on their trivia skills. They have competed both locally and nationally, and have been named one of the top teams in the nation.
  • Robotics Team

    The goal of the robotics team is to compete in the BEST Robotics competition in Bowling Green, OH, and hopefully Fargo, North Dakota. We must design a robot, write an engineering notebook, make a marketing presentation, make a trade show booth, and program the robot. We are a dedicated team of students all working toward one common goal.
  • Universal Health Aid

    Universal Health Aid is a student-led program that does a free health screening during the summer for underinsured and uninsured people in the Toledo area. This involves contacting lots of doctors, finding sponsors, and providing all the necessary equipment for practicing medicine at the screening. The purpose of this club would be to help make this process more efficient and more organized by contacting doctors and sponsors earlier, raising money for materials, and collecting inventory early.
  • Weathervane Yearbook Club

    The yearbook is, in essence, the diary of our entire school and this is the club that puts the yearbook together. The staff takes and collects photos from school events and compiles everything into a book for PreK-12 on the Jostens server.
  • Young Democrats & Young Republicans

    These two clubs are all-inclusive clubs that aim to educate students on current events and promote discussion among students of any party affiliation.

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